11/28/2003 some news for all DVB freaks ... in addition to elementary streams (ES) and program streams (PS), lve supports now multiplexed PES streams and rudimentary transport (TS) streams too.
otherwise there are some minor bugfixes and improvements, for more infos see ChangeLog
the new package can be found in download section.

11/19/2003 lvemux/lvedump redesigned -> there is a new multiplex engine without any dependencies to ffmpeg. therefore the standalone lvemux package will be compiled much easier...
also many bugs found in last release are fixed now.
see download for new packages (including lvemux).

11/14/2003 bugfix release, wich resolves the muxing issue for interlaced video see download for new packages (including lvemux).

11/13/2003 discoverd some bugs in muxer code (mainly for interlaced video) after testing around. fixes will be coming soon ...

11/12/2003 new tool "lvemux" to multiplex mpeg video and audio ES streams to mpeg PS stream including prepared VOBU packs
-> these mpeg files can be used as dvdauthor input and should play on consumer DVD players.
lvemux will have the ability also to read from 2 fifo files (one for video stream and one for audio stream), which is useful to build piped commands with other applications delivering separate mpeg video and audio streams, means lvemux extends other applications to produce muxed mpeg video directly !) -> more infos see Readme.lvemux.
lvemux is already integrated into lve and available as standalone packet also !

import.tar (lve import filter for transcode) updated to new lve_read API

some minor bugfixes in multiplexer mode of lvedump

11/05/2003 new lve release with furthermore enhanced lvedump -> there is a new copy mode to transfer audio data from source to destination file without reencoding. therefore the audio type of source (MP2 or AC3) will be remain in output ...
(see Changelog for more infos)
NOTE: the intermediate 031104-release was buggy and therefore removed from download.

10/31/2003 hompage was not available for last days, because traffic has exceeded the free 1GB limit per month.
NO solution yet to prevent this in future ... :-(
but use LVE root as new entry point to get some infos, if site will be unavailable again.

but therefore a few good news: made a lot of progress in patching ffmpeg's muxing code. lvedump is now also capable to write muxed mpeg output with proper SCR/PTS timings ready to use with dvdauthor and probably playable with consumer DVD players ...
to get lvedump proper work you must replace the file "mpeg.c" in ffmpeg's subfolder "./libavformat/" by the file "mpeg.c" from lve's subfolder "./avformatPatch/" (new lve release see download).
then please type "make clean; make" in lve main folder to build all
NOTE: the "make clean" is very important !
please refer Changelog, Readme and DVDauthoring for more infos.

10/28/2003 changes on lvedump again: builtin logic for A/V shift handling reversed.
some enhancement while using lvedump in multiplex mode (-m option)
lvemkdvd uses now DVDAuthor to build DVD video filesystem
small fix for lvedemux (count of extracted audio packs will now displayed correctly).
see Changelog for more infos -> get the new lve package from download section.

10/22/2003 some further A/V sync enhancement for lvedump (hopefully) -> new download available...
use lvedump with option "-np", if you want produce mpegs other then VOB type.
without the "-np" option audio data will be adjusted (shifted) by -500 ms to compensate the builtin shift (+500 ms) of tcmplex with option "-m d".

10/17/2003 new lve package to download with bugfix for "lvedump" on A/V synchronisation ...

10/16/2003 small web page optimization ...

10/15/2003 new release with workaround (not perfect) for audio dissortion after seeking on some media files (see ChangeLog for more infos).

ATTENTION: a format change of the index files (.idx extension) was necessarily -> please recreate old index file with lvemkidx.

10/14/2003 bugfix of lvedump will never ends ...   no more segfault after writing last scene with lve-031014-2.tar.bz2 -> see download.

bugfix in audio handling of lve + lvedump
bugfix of scene change across media-files
-> new lve package in download section

NOTE: some mpeg1 LII audio streams inside of source media won't work properly (short time with jerky audio after seeking ?) may be caused from missplaced sync words in audio data (i don't know yet).

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