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09/26/2005 lvedump/lve: new options "-ts" and "-pes" to produce TS- stream (=DVB transport stream) or PES- stream output. Some minor bugfixes.

01/12/2005 lve: no more segfault while pressing "CTRL-ALT-R" keys to reset media/edit-lists. using video navigation after such resets is also save now.

03/22/2004 some fixes to handle TS-streams containing AC3 audio.

but only one AC3 stream per TS stream supported.

new packages available in download section.

02/10/2004 some fixes for reading TS-streams containing transmisson failures.

update to new requantizer engine.

fixing rounding error for NTSC videos in multiplexer engine.

goto download to obtain new packages.

01/26/2004 lvedump: bugfix in handling open/closed GOP mpegs -> now "B frame drop" will be activated only on scene starts with open GOPs. Furthermore on interlaced mpegs with 2 sep. fields, the 2nd. field following of the I field will no more be dropped, if B frame drop is activ. RESULT: much less (or no more) glitches on scene changes in final video.

klvemkdvd in progress ... most other fixes/changes in packages lve, lvemux and klvemkdvd are dealing with optimization of klvemkdvd ...
-> see ChangeLogs for details - download is ready.

01/21/2004 ... and again: bugfix releases of lve, klvemkdvd and lvemux available.

01/20/2004 updated releases of lve, klvemkdvd and lvemux again.

01/19/2004 new releases of lve, klvemkdvd and lvemux available, infos see several ChangeLogs

NOTE: some improvements on multiplexing engine should reduce problems to produce DVDs with AC3 audio :-) therefore force audio reencoding isn't anymore default in klvemkdvd ...

01/16/2004 new lve package available, infos see ChangeLog

klvemkdvd-0.2 released -> more infos see ChangeLog on this side

new release of standalone "lvemux" available too !

NOTE: lve/klvemkdvd can produce video DVDs with AC3 Audio. but these may not be playable on all consumer players. in case of problems with AC3 audio, lve/klvemkdvd supports DVD creation with audio track reencoded to MPEG1 LII type ...

01/12/2004 many bugfixes, see ChangeLog

new KDE GUI replacement for lvemkdvd -> Details
(klvemkdvd needs KDE >=3.1.4 and >= QT 3.2.3 to compile properly..., notes about required releases in documentation were wrong)

12/22/2003 lve christmas release available for download
changes and bugfixes see ChangeLog.

won't care much about lve for the next 14 days because of vacancy
-> merry christmas and happy new year to all ...

12/17/2003 some lve bugfixes

adaption and bugfix of lvedump/lvemux to let them work with newest dvdauthor-0.6.8 package. furthermore new option "-y" for lvedump to use "mplex" (from mjpegtools) instead of lvemux (or tcmplex).

new packages ready to download...

12/16/2003 major bugfix for transportstream (TS) type reader (wrong ES data extraction: lve plays jerky video, lvedump sometimes segfaults)

minor bugfix for lve (audio shifting problem)

lvemkidx improved: new option "-p" to probe for proper index file. (if valid index file exists there will be no recreation). also new option "-l " to create an simple lve project file loadable with lve as edit-list.

new package ready to download...

12/15/2003 move of lve homepage to sourceforge completed now. please use new forum to post messages ...

12/12/2003 new lve major bugfix package available (no more segfaults on laoding/saving files) and futher improvments for "lvemkdvd"
-> for details, see ChangeLog.

12/09/2003 new lve package with improved usability -> for details, see ChangeLog and redesigned "lvemkdvd" supports now dvdauthor releases > 0.6.5

12/08/2003 NOTE: don't use dvdauthor releases newer then -0.6.5 together with lve, because handling of input files has changed for newest dvdauthor...
-> more infos, see ChangeLog.

12/07/2003 major bugfixes for lve, because of problems playing PS streams with MPEG1 LII audio and wrong frame data extraction
minor bugfix for lvemux ...

12/05/2003 further mpeg stream type support called "PVA" (used by some DVB recorder software) is underway (at the moment only video, lve must started with option -nosound using this type)
also bugfix in detection of stream types, because sometimes PS streams was recognized as TS streams ...

12/04/2003 bugfixes and improvements for lvedemux and lvemux, more infos see ChangeLog, Readme.lvemux ...
new packages can be found in download section.

12/02/2003 better handling of A/V syncing errors with a new per scene based sync correction value -> more infos see Readme.avsync

reorderd "+/-" button for left trimmimg to "-/+" reflecting to a consistant behavior: pressing "+" on outside will grow the scene, pressing "-" on inside will shrink the scene. the new package can be found in download section.

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